Today, a touch of fun. Most of you don’t know much about me, so encouraged by a fellow blogger who created such post today, I would share 10 brief insights about me.


1. I love drinking fruit juices, but I don’t want eating fruit.🤮(my bad)

2. My mother actually named me Katrina Cristina but it became “Katrina Christine” when I was given birth which means “pure follower of Christ”.

3. I am an introvert. I only have a small group of close friends. Being around many people drains my energy, so I often feel a need to recharge.🕔

4. I started drinking coffee when I was 2nd-year college. That time I can drink 10 cups of coffee a day.☕️

5. When I was 12 years old, I started learning “Aikido” (a modern Japanese martial art) together with my dad and younger brother. After two years of heavy training, we got promoted to be instructors.🥋

6. My favorite colors are black, white and red.

7. I am a sleepyhead. I can sleep after I drink a cup of coffee.😆

8. I love Yakult!

9. I am the only Christian (Born Again) in the family. I became a convert 2 years ago.🆓🔐

10. One month after I get baptized, I begin writing blogs. But I started publishing my Christian articles earlier this year.📝

What about you? If you like to hit the comment button and share a bit of information about you, I would love that too! I can’t wait to know you better! Thank you for reading🙂



Katrina is an amateur blogger and writer from the Philippines who loves coffee. She writes about her faith and journey in aiming a Christ-centered life. Join her every step to her faith and see them shine before you. View all posts by Kat Melocoton


17 thoughts on “10 Facts About Me

  1. It’s nice to know you more, friend. I appreciate your warm personality! Thanks for sharing. It’s been a pleasure to read your blog and chat with you.

  2. I also love coffee but I can’t drink more than 2 cups a day😱Anyway, Thanks for giving us a little insight into your world.

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