To the person who is waking up every morning, doing the same things all over again, but feel nothing. You said it’s over. You are tired of living. You are beaten by failures, and now tired of being knocked down. You feel like you can never do things right.

To you, who fall asleep crying because you hate yourself for who you are. You feel so low and cheap. You can’t even recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. You are always being provoked by deep-seated issues of rejection.

You said, “I have no one.” Nobody loves; No one to trust; Nobody cares. You are alone and people don’t understand you. Everyone turned their back from you and left when you are at your deepest cry. What you experienced made you worn out of living, but you make everyone believe that everything is well and going on your way.

You’re not okay, are you?
Stop pretending that you are still fine when you are not. Enough of hiding it with your smiles. Leave off concealing the hurt. You think you can cover the pain when it can be seen in your eyes.

When you think you are unvalued, don’t you know? Someone loves you unconditionally. There is one person who is always there for you. That person totally accepts you and will make you genuinely happy. Somebody actually cares for you. He knows your worth and values you more than anything else. That “someone” is telling you:

“Come back.” I am your Father. Your good, good Father. When you left broken, I am here. Like a father hushing his injured child.

I’ve been longing for you for so long. I’ve been watching over you since the day you are born. I am protecting you, and I will always fight for you.

When you have nowhere to go, I’m always here. I will be your light whenever you lost. I will guide your way and you will never wonder again.

You are knocked down and stepped on. Broken and wounded. But come to me and I will heal you — I will give you a brand new life. I will calm the storm inside you. I will declare peace over your anxieties.

When you are sick of living, haven’t you heard? I am the Lord, the everlasting God — the Creator of the heavens and the earth. If you become worn out or tired, I will never be.

I fortify those who are weak. To you, who has no might, I will increase your strength. You shall renew your strength because I am with you. And with a low voice, I want to say, “I love you.”

While no one understands you, I do. When you are tired, I, your Father, want to carry that burden for you.

You lived your life away from me and make bad decisions. I saw all your sins. I am aware of your wrongs. I know all of it. But I will always look at you with love. I will remember your wrongs no more. Turn to me, my child, and I will give you a new life.

Even if you’ll run away, I will always seek you. I will search for you, just like a father finding his lost child. And with open arms, I am here — ready to accept whoever will you be. I will never give up on you no matter what.

I do not change. I will never. My love for you never ceased. I am the Lord, at the same time your Father, who eagerly waits for you to return.

You’re not okay, are you? Enough for heartaches, pains, and wounds.

My child, it’s done. Come home.”


girl behind this blog

Kat Melocoton is a blogger and writer from the Philippines who loves coffee. She is more concerned about the unfading beauty that comes from within, which is greatly loved by Him.

31 thoughts on “You’re Not Okay, Are You?

      1. Thanks for your encouragment! Sorry for the late response. I’m not used to getting likes or followers 🙂 and still learning the word press gadgets. I appreciate your comments, God bless you!

    1. Absolutely! So glad to know that God is mindful even in times we forget Him. Thank you for reading and God bless.

      Anyway, I love reading your blogs! I’m subscribed to your blog so I should get an email when you post:)

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