Kat Melocoton | Photo from rawpixel.com

I stand firm and praise,
for the Lord is my God.
He is constant, keeping his promises.
God, indeed, is faithful.

Day by day, He cares for me.
In my hunger, gives bread,
in my thirst, brings water.
God, indeed, my provider.

He offers His Kingdom,
many times I choose slavery.
But the Lord shows compassion,
His love overflows very great.

For many years, He is patient
His steadfastness prevails
Truly, a promise-keeper,
Never abandoned His daughter.

Everyday He sustains me
Neither fail to guide on my path,
Nor withhold bread in my mouth
Indeed, I lack nothing.

Many times I cry out to Him
He hears from heaven.
I call to Him, He answers
Time after time, He delivers me.

Failures are high,
Limitation becomes unlimited
Weakness is great
But indeed, He is light to my eyes.

I may stumble and fall
Often grow tired and weary
But, indeed, He alone is the Lord
Without Him I am nothing.




Katrina is an amateur blogger and writer from Philippines who loves coffee. She writes about her faith and journey in aiming a Christ-centered life. Join her every step to her faith and see them shine before you.  View all posts by Kat Melocoton


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